The test … proved that the Flame-Straightening technique used by your company did not impair the structural integrity of the six-million dollar container handling crane. In fact, the original A 36 steel plate physical properties in the crane that were affected by the straightening process were actually improved. (See attached test results.)

Stronger Than It WasGottlieb, Barnett, Bridges Consulting Engineers

They have always responded immediately and have been able to help us get back into service in a most efficient manner. We at B.N.S.F. have found Dan Dalton and his company to be one of our most reliable partners in bridge damage repairs. I recommend him and his firm highly for any bridge repairs.

Emergency RepairsBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company

His safety record is outstanding with a constant commitment to personal protective gear. Mr. Dalton comes highly recommended from this office and certainly is our first choice for steel repairs or flame straightening.

Dedicated to SafetyUnion Pacific Railroad Company

Mr. Dalton has contracted with the Union Pacific Railroad on several occasions in the past to make repairs on steel structures which required an expertise beyond our in-house means. Mr. Dalton has always performed in an exemplary manner with verbal commitments that are consistently met on an on time or ahead of time basis; with an excellent quality of work.

Delivering on CommitmentsUnion Pacific Railroad Company

Your flame strengthening abilities took a badly damaged equalizer beam that needed to be replaced and restored it to its original configuration. It saved us time and money. My client was well satisfied and so was I.

Saving Time & MoneyGerald Charlton, President, GFC Crane Consultants, Inc.

I’ve found Dan Dalton’s work ethics and dedication to the job a positive influence on the labor. Dan and his personnel worked tirelessly seven days a week, often twelve to fourteen hours a day for almost three weeks….It is without hesitation that I would recommend Dan Dalton’s services to anyone in the industry.

Getting the Job DoneGerald Charlton, President, GFC Crane Consultants, Inc.

Dan Dalton and his crew were very professional with a very strong work ethic. If Dan tells you that he can solve your problem, I recommend strongly that you listen. They did an incredible job for our company.

Professional EthicsSteel City Erection & Crane Rental, Inc.

We assisted Dan Dalton in any way he needed and in less than 7 days the girder was repaired and thoroughly inspected by all parties.  Steel City re-erected the girder that was technically straighter than it was originally.

Straighter Than It WasSteel City Erection & Crane Rental, Inc.

BNSF Railway has used the services of Dan R. Dalton Inc. in the past to provide several different types of steel flame straightening projects on various structures across our system… I believe we have not only solved these problems but we have also extended the service life of our structures.

BNSF Railway