Railroad Bridge, Steel Bridge & Crane Repair for Engineers and Construction Companies

Heat straightening damaged steel saves time and money so you can get back to business as usual.

Accidents happen.
Making them right when every second counts is stressful.

When it comes to steel damage, you can either take days or weeks replacing it or repair it
with heat straightening in a fraction of the time.

When you have damaged steel on a bridge or crane you need to know that repair will be done right, on time, and on budget.

Steel flame straightening repairs damaged steel fast and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Reliable Repair

Steel wants to go back to its original shape. Heat straightening is a way to help damaged steel regain its original shape without damaging it.

Save Time

When a damaged bridge is out of commission it can create a logistical nightmare. Steel flame straightening gets bridges back in safe operation in less than 24 hours in many cases.

Save Money

The cost to repair damaged steel in time and materials is considerably less with heat straightening repair when compared to a complete replacement.

Our team is strategically located around the country ready to respond to emergencies.

Highway Bridges

Most highway bridge damage occurs to steel girders impacted by over-height loads. Heat straightening repair minimizes traffic disruption, and eliminates the need to cut concrete and the need for shoring.

Railway Bridges

We’ve been repairing railway bridges since 1987. Our personnel are fully trained in track safety, and have the ability to repair under traffic. We’re capable of repairing lift spans, swing spans, truss bridges, and overpasses.

Container Cranes

Our team has traveled the world repairing cranes damaged by extreme weather and ship impacts. In many cases we can save you substantial time and money and complete the repair in the air so you don’t need to pull it down.

Repairing Damaged Structural Steel for our Customers is our Passion

They have always responded immediately and have been able to help us get back into service in a most efficient manner. We at B.N.S.F. have found Dan Dalton and his company to be one of our most reliable partners in bridge damage repairs. I recommend him and his firm highly for any bridge repairs.
Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
Mr. Dalton has contracted with the Union Pacific Railroad on several occasions in the past to make repairs on steel structures which required an expertise beyond our in-house means. Mr. Dalton has always performed in an exemplary manner with verbal commitments that are consistently met on an on time or ahead of time basis; with an excellent quality of work.
Union Pacific Railroad Company

Getting Your Damaged Steel Repaired is Easy

Send us Photos of the Damage

We’ll review the damaged steel and make an assessment of what we’ll need to do to repair it.

Get Your Customized Bid

Because every repair is unique we’ll provide you with a detailed customized bid breaking down the time and cost.

A Repair You can Trust

You can have peace of mind knowing that the integrity of your structure is sound, thanks to our repairs that are as good as, and at times better than, a replacement.

You need to know your steel repair is reliable

We Don’t Accept Anything Less than Perfection

You have a lot at stake with a structural steel repair. You’re fighting time, costs, and most of all

We’ve helped thousands of engineers and construction companies repair damaged steel going
back to 1999.

We’ve seen it all and are confident we can get your bridge or crane repair done the right way and
save you time and cost in process.

You don’t have to suffer from days or weeks of downtime from a damaged steel bridge or crane.

Steel flame straightening repairs your damaged steel to pre-damaged condition or better, at a fraction
of the cost of replacement, so you can get back to what’s important.